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Do You Love Your Work?

June 13, 2015


Over the past few weeks we have talked about what creates greatness in someone.  We talked about how we are a slave to our habits and how the greats create positive habits of deliberate practice in order to achieve their goals, but first and foremost before any of this takes place there has to be passion for the work.


People that are incredibly good at their work, love what they do. Billionaires, world changers, and people that generally put dents in the universe aren't that way because they have been grinding out an ok job, they are there because they are on fire for what they do.  They are obsessed with their work because they love it.  It’s not work to them and it’s not about the money, it’s more of a calling. 


So the question to ask yourself is; Do you love what you do?"  


Does your work fulfill you?  


Take money out of the picture and ask yourself if you didn't get paid for the job you are currently doing then would you still do it.  I would venture to guess that 95% of people would not.  

That was the easy question, now the hard one.  


What type of work would you continue to do even if you didn't get paid for it?  


Answer that question and you have found your calling.  Go do that, because if you don't really love what you are doing, you never will really be great and never be truly fulfilled no matter how much money you make.  The thing about money is, that the people that make the most money, love what they do.


One of the goals of Blackpier Capital is to make our clients so much money that they can follow their passions.  We want to use our passion for trading and investing to help people follow theirs.  It is pretty awesome to be around people who are totally on fire for what they do.  It's inspiring.


Let us hear your thoughts.


Hope you have a great Labor Day holiday.



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