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Secrets Do Not Exist

March 14, 2018


People are always looking for the ‘secret’. The secret way to lose weight, the secret way to make $1,000,000, the secret way to be more sociable. We look at someone who loses 100 pounds and exclaim, “How did they do that? There has to be some hidden trick that they used!”.  In reality though there are no secrets, just the illusion.


Let’s take weight loss for an example. Every single one of us knows how to lose weight. Eat fruits and vegetables, exercise for 30 minutes a few times a week, drink plenty of water and eat fewer calories than you burn. There is nothing new or revolutionary about losing weight. It’s so simple yet every single diet, weight loss book, or magazine cover will proclaim that you have to only drink vegetable juice,  buy some device to make sure you're in ketosis, or that your body is full of toxins and you need to wear pads on your feet at night to lose weight. 


Why is it that we all want to believe there is a secret behind many of the things we want to accomplish? We want to believe that it’s easier than it actually is. Losing weight can be incredibly difficult and believing that there is a secret diet out there gives many people false hope that they can accomplish a challenging task with little effort. 


Trading and investing is no different. We read hundreds of articles and books in search for the secrets that the professionals aren't telling the general public when in reality it’s right in front of them. To be a successful trader all you need is a proven strategy and to follow that proven strategy. No more, no less. Besides the professionals, very few people can do this because it’s hard. The amateurs want to believe that the professionals have some secret edge that makes their trading effortless. But just like with weight loss there are no secrets when it comes to trading, just hard deliberate work.  


It’s unglamorous and makes marketing difficult for many companies that rely on selling their secret weight loss product or book on the secrets of trading, but it’s the truth. It’s important to distinguish a secret from a genuine tip or piece of advice. For example, I found that to lose weight cutting 100 calories out of my diet every day was much easier to sustain than cutting 500 calories all at once. The principle is the same though, if I eat less calories than I burn then I will lose weight. 


All you need to do to be successful in any realm is to be consistent. If you consistently follow a proven trading strategy you will make money. If you consistently follow a diet, you will lose weight. The challenge is simply doing it. 








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