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The Human Advantage "Part 1"

April 12, 2019

As we have aged as a civilization there is a greater need for “the creative”. With artificial intelligence and robots starting to take care of the mundane and physical work, creative problem-solving, art and creative engineering are the last frontiers for humans. Wow, what a bleak thought. We are all going to be replaced. Most of us are going to lose our jobs and we will have to have a standard living wage handed out to us by the government. If we were to want more than what the government gave us, we then can attempt to play the capitalism game and compete for more. Will this really happen? That’s what many doomsday theorists are saying. I like to look back at history to see if we can pick up patterns and portray that into the future as a blueprint.


The last time we had a life altering technology entered our lives, was computers. Computers replaced millions of jobs. Then there was the time stamp filer and the record keeper. There will always be new ideas that turn into job replacements. As far as I can tell those jobs were lost forever. They never came back and most likely never will. If we were put out of a job by a computer and remained with our current skill, we would  most likely be broke, poor, and homeless. This is the cycle of growth and technology. Keep up or fall off the train.


You know those computers that were so evil and made all those people broke without jobs?. They created Amazon, Netflix, and online shopping.. Almost all the abundance we take advantage of today is made possible because of computers. If computers replaced so many jobs, how is our unemployment at record lows? In this country, it appears to me that almost every business uses computers in some way or another. Even the farmer uses computers to grow crops more efficiently. Speaking of farmers, they had the same thing happen to them with the industrial age and tractors. What pulled us out of the loss of jobs was a massive investment from the government into public schooling. The jobs shift to the more skilled. If I were a record keeper and computers replaced me, I would take that opportunity to learn a skill that would be in demand (safe from computers) or even leverage the very thing that replaced me.


Today, we are facing the very same thing with robots and AI powered computational systems. Truck drivers, farmers, factory workers, pit traders, and many more are being put out of jobs in favor of workers that are faster, don’t complain, and work twenty-four hours a day. For now, the one thing they can’t touch is design, entertainment creation, inventions, and even the designer of the robots and AI systems.  The pattern is clear, and the blueprint is written. Learn new skills that can’t be replaced or will be used more and we will be rewarded for it. In the next few articles I will be going over the various ways that I have tapped into the more creative part of my brain that wasn’t so in demand in school and as an auto tech. As a young man I was always told I was a very analytical person. The very opposite of creative and free spirited. Today I use the ability to analyze and create for a future possibility or a current problem. Each day I continue to grow and develop this skill as a Strategy Developer for Blackpier Capital.


The first “idea creation” skill is the easiest one in my personal opinion. The human brain is a spectacular computer. Just not in the way that “we” make computers. We make computers for production and pure computational load of what is the answer to X. The creative side of our brains don’t work like a computer. In the next article, we will get into tapping the true power of the right side of our brains. When we want to create or solve a problem in a new way, know nothing is new, just repurposed and reused. All that is, will always be, and forever has been. Any idea we come up with is an idea or concept that is in use somewhere in an existing invention or in nature. If we accept this thought and use it to our advantage without ego or the need to have “MY IDEA”, we can unleash the awesome creativity of thousands of years of human civilization and billions of years of creation in the universe. Our brains love to do something that computers can’t; grabbing distant concepts and putting them together for a new purpose. This is exactly how the microwave oven was created. Working for the military as a radar technician, Percy Spencer took the very distant concepts of radar wave technology and the home oven to combine them in a new way. Neither of the ideas were new. Both ideas had been used and were known about, but neither combined before.


As an analytical person I can take different types of trades and investing styles to create a Frankenstein. That Frankenstein was Igneous, one of the strategies we pair off with to create the ultimate options exposure at Blackpier. If I were to be in an environment where I wanted to advance or make a name for myself, I would look to others that were or have been successful in their respective fields and attempted to apply the essence of what made them succeed. Maybe the idea of ray tracing used in video games can be used to invest. Something crazy like using bounced relationships off a successful company to net a gain from a supplier of theirs, then to a supplier of theirs. Its funny how quick ideas can enter our minds. as I am writing this, I am having flashes of crazy ideas of how to implement them into options. Welcome to the wonderful world of creativity. The next concept may be uncomfortable, but in order for us to grow we must get uncomfortable first.



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