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148 – Plugging holes in strategies and portfolios – Ryan Moffett

Blackpier's lead portfolio manager speaks with Andrew Swanscott of Better system trader click the Better System Trader Logo to Listen.

In this episode we’re going to be talking about holey strategies and portfolios.

Now, when I say “holey” I’m not talking about religion, divine intervention, holy grails or anything like that, although we could probably apply todays topics to those type of strategies that need divine intervention (and who hasn’t had a strategy like that at some point?).

No, when I say “holey” I mean something with a hole in it, like a bucket that has a hole in the bottom.

When you put water or some other liquid into that bucket, obviously it starts leaking, reducing the performance of that bucket and today we’ll be discussing holes in trading strategies and portfolios that could be reducing trading performance.

Joining us as special guest for this episode is Ryan Moffett from Blackpier Capital.

Ryan has spent the last 12 years specializing in designing and trading robust strategies, working with and being mentored by traders out of the CBOE as well as hedge fund managers out of New York and California.

Some of the things you’ll discover in my chat with Ryan are:

Why manual backtesting can be more beneficial than automated testing,How ‘deliberate practise’ can be used in the strategy creation process to get a deep understanding of a strategy,How to find holes in a trading strategy that could punish your trading performance,The hole in people’s portfolios and how allocating a small portion to ‘the 4th asset class’ can be a good hedge for a portfolio when other markets aren’t doing too well,Plus a hole lot more… (see what I did there!)

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