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EP 083: Getting mentors, starting a fund, and deliberate practice w/ Ryan Moffett of @BlackpierLP

Updated: Feb 3, 2020

Ryan Moffett, lead portfolio manager for Blackpier, was interviewed by Aaron Fifield on Chat With Traders covering a broad range of topics and discussions. Listen Below.

Having been involved with markets for about 12 years now, Ryan has experience in trading, strategy design, portfolio construction and even alternative investments—all, while working for several firms (one of which, managed upwards of $2B).

More recently though, Ryan’s ventured out to start a fund of his own, where he wears the badge of Lead Investment Manager.

Some of the subjects we check off during this episode, include; the snapping point that lead Ryan to pursue trading and cold-call 50 fund managers for guidance. How he was able to form various mentoring relationships, the first steps of starting a fund and the unseen challenges.

Plus we discuss options, strategies and research, but the highlight for myself was hearing Ryan’s insight on deliberate practice and mental discomfort.

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